Beginner Knitting Workshop Series

Guidance by Andrea
Monday evening
Dates: March 11 & 18
Time: 7.00 – 9.00 PM
Level: (complete) beginner
Language: English
Materials in- or excluded


Have you always wanted to learn to knitting, but never got around to it? We have developed a fun course in which you can master the basics of knitting in 2 lessons of 2 hours! Start really at the beginning and knit your very first stitches. And the nice thing about this course is that you not only learn the techniques, but also make a final product. This way you learn different techniques and stitches and you also work towards a final product. You can choose to make a scarf or a beanie in this course (only possible to choose 1).* This course will prepare you to work on your own projects at home. The course is taught by crochet and knitting teacher Andrea. Choose to have the materials in- or excluded. If you choose the materials included, you will get an e-mail with the options of different colours of recycled wool. (only one week or a few days before the course starts, it’s not possible anymore to order with the materials included.

What you can learn:
How to start your work (cast on), knit & purl, garter stitch and finishing.

*If you never knitted before, we advise to choose to make the scarf!
**Do you want to continue knitting at home after the course? But do you still need guidance every now and then? Join our knitting walk-in class. This takes place once a month. Click here for more info.

***Are you missing one of the lessons of the course? Let us know on time, at the latest one day before the start of the lesson, so that we can still make sure you can catch up for the lesson later. It is possible to re-do one lesson during the knitting walk-in-class.
****It would be great if you have some time in between the lessons to do some homework (could be behind the tv!:))
*****If you want the materials included, we need to know this max. one week before the course starts, to order the materials for you in time.


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