Beginner Sewing Course: Baby Edition

Amount: 4 lessons of 2 hours
Choose your own starting date
Materials: in- or excluded
Level: (complete) beginner
Language: English & Dutch
Guidance by Nathalie Goedegebuure

From:  124,95

New course (starting in January 2023)! De Steek and Souz Atelier created a course together for (future) mom & dads! In this 4-week course on Wednesday morning, it’s possible to learn the basics on the sewing machine, while creating two cute baby garments. It’s possible to choose between 3 types of garments: pants, jumpsuit and/or shirt (see the pictures for examples). You can choose to have the materials in- or excluded for the items during class. If you choose included, you can choose between different natural and organic materials we selected. Nathalie from Souz Atelier, who is also a mom herself, will be your teacher! Share the class with like-minded parents or parents-to-be.
What will you learn?: The basics on the sewing machine and/or serger (overlock machine). How to cut your fabric. How to sew the seams. How to finish the garments (hems). How to work with elastic. How to add closures (buttons).
Sizes baby clothes: 62 – 80 (0 – 1 year).
This course consists of 4 lessons of 2 hours. It is possible to follow this course on consecutive weeks, but you can also skip one or more weeks if that’s more convenient for your schedule (you can let us know in the comments or by e-mail/phone). Choose the starting date in the schedule above. Automatically you are scheduled for 4 consecutive weeks, but if you want to change this, let us know, like mentioned above.
Important: If you miss a class that you scheduled, you have to let us know max. one day before it starts, so we can still reschedule for you (if you are too late, you will loose this class and need to pay for a new one if you want to reschedule!).
About Nathalie
Nathalie Goedegebuure is a fashion designer with a Bachelor in Fashion Design (HKU). With her company Souz Atelier she designs her own swimwear collections. She started with her own swimwear during her internship at Gori de Palma in Barcelona. In 2012 she presented her first swimwear collection at hotel W Barcelona. Her other passion next to swimwear is upcycling. She changes the look of old clothes or changes them in something completely different. Last year Nathalie became a mom herself and likes to make her own kids clothing as well. She also developed her first sewing pattern collection with kids clothes! She teaches sewing lessons for kids and about kids clothing at De Steek, next to her upcycling and swimwear classes. Sometimes you can also find her as a teacher in the Sewing Cafe.


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