Circular Weaving Class

Guidance by Hannah Emerson
Dates: Monday June 12
Time: 7.00 – 10.00 PM
Level: all levels
Language: English
Materials: included


In this class you will learn everything about circular weaving from start to finish! 
You will first learn how to make your own circle weave loom with a metal ring and string. Hannah will then demonstrate several weaving techniques, including the plain weave, soumak weave, rya knot, and others. After you’ve mastered the weaving techniques, you will apply them to your own work. You will have full artistic freedom to choose your favorite colors, textures and style for your own circular weave, and will spend a relaxing few hours creating your next favorite artwork to hang on your wall.

Hannah will also provide you with a course manual so that you will never forget the skills you learned during the class, and she will teach you some tips and tricks along the way so that you leave with the skills necessary to create many more circular weaves of any size loom you desire.

About Hannah

Hannah is an American fiber artist based in Amsterdam. She has an undergraduate degree in fine arts from the US, and although her career led her to the corporate world, she spends all of her time outside of work either creating art or thinking about creating art. Her favorite techniques include macrame, weaving, pottery and crochet but she also loves jewelry making and sewing. She recently opened her own business, Tethered Twine, and started selling her artwork on her webshop.


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