Creative Summer Workshop: Mixed Upcycling Techniques

Guidance by Katharina SpitzDate: August 9, 10, 11 or 12Time: 10.30 AM – 4.30 PMMaterials & vegan lunch includedLanguage: EnglishLevel: intermediate/advanced


Now it’s also possible to follow one day of our Summer Course if you are not available on all 4 days: in this one day, dive into creative upcycling techniques and get inspiration to upcycle your own pieces!

You already know a few textile & sewing techniques? Sewing, crocheting, knitting and/or embroidery? And you are interested in combining them and learning about designing by using these crafting skills? Then now it is time to play with the possibilities of doing so. Within this mixed technique upcycling workshop, we will play and experiment with old garments and re-create them into something new by using our various technical skills. In the end each of us will go home with a lot of inspiration of how to combine different textile techniques in one and the same piece. Can we now approach or not-anymore-beloved garments as full of potential rather than something to discard?

For this workshop you should be interested in a combination of design and crafting and should already have some crafting and sewing experience.

If you join the one-day workshop
> You will exercise with the different techniques, in ways like: connecting knit/crochet to tailored item, quilting together different swatches, using seams as ornament, introducing soluvlies and making „yarn“ from cut fabric strips.
> Loose fear of experimenting with garments: We choose garments in groups and within the day combine them to something new and make it
> Each of us can share a technique they are know already and we share more ideas on how to combine them.
> learn to design by draping, sketching, cutting and develop your idea step by step by step.
> learn to reflect on your work.

About Katharina
Katharina is a fashion designer and dressmaker based in Amsterdam. After her apprenticeship as a couture dressmaker in Germany and working at the Dutch National Opera her work developed into a more artistic direction. She studied at Universität der Künste in Berlin, where she also had a junior teaching position for two years, before returning to Amsterdam. There she founded her fashion design studio Katharina Spitz. Her designs, performances and dressmaking try to open up new perspectives and ways of being in a world that is suffering from pollution, misogyny and alienation. Crafting is for her a critical tool. She has a great passion for hourlong handiwork – and for sharing the technical knowledge she gained throughout her years within the crafting industry.
Website: IG: @kathakathak


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