Gift Card: Beginner Sewing Course

Materials: in- or excluding organic materials
Number of lessons: 4 x 2
Level: beginner
Valid for: 2 years

 149,90 -  94,95

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This gift card will expire 730 days after purchase.

Do you know someone who would like to try sewing? Or someone who wants to start up again after a long time? Than this is a great gift! With this package it is possible to follow 4 x 2 hours of sewing lessons in our Sewing Café. In this 4 lessons it is possible to learn the basics on the sewing machine and make a tote bag and a first garment (skirt, legging or T-shirt) or follow the second beginner course and create a blouse/shirt or trousers. This package is a good starter if it is the first time working with the sewing machine. You can for example learn to work with the overlock machine as well.
The receiver of the gift card can decide to follow our first or second Beginner Sewing Course. Here more info about the courses:
> Beginner Sewing Course 1.0
> Beginner Sewing Course 2.0
Choose to have the materials in- or excluded in for the course (94,95 euro is excluded, 149 euro is included). The gift card contains all information on how to book the lessons. The card has to be validated and used within 2 years. Type of materials can be chosen in the lesson.


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