One-day Workshop: Weaving From Waste

Guidance by Camila Moreno
Date: Friday October 20 or November 24
Time: 6.00 – 9.00 PM
Level: beginner
Language: English
max. 6 participants


We have seen around the world how the textile industry is accumulating more and more waste every day. Is hard to make these huge companies start to change their commercial models, but we can start changing our behaviors as consumers now!
That’s why Camila created this fun workshop, where you can learn a great way to reduce your textile waste. At the end of the workshop you will earn a new piece of textile for your home or for a friend, and also you will learn a beautiful way to practice mindfulness!
What are we going to do?
We are going to weave a place mat (28 cm x 32 cm) from waste that I have found and also waste that you probably have at home, using a Rigid heddle Loom.
What are we going to learn?
1. We will learn how to convert some textile waste that we have at home like T-Shirts, bed sheets or table cloths into material for our weaves.
2. How to select the right material for warp and weft.
3. How to set a Rigid heddle Loom
4. Weaving techniques (this techniques are applicable for any other kind of loom)
About Camila
Textile artist Camila Moreno is originally from Chile and has been living in Amsterdam since late 2020. She’s a graphic designer by training, but has been dedicated to textile design since she founded @pampa_deco 6 years ago. This drove her to start exploring and studying hand weaving techniques in Santiago more than two years ago, where she discovered her love and passion for this craft. Fast forward to 2020, she moved with her family to Amsterdam and started a studies about antiques weaving techniques (mainly from Finland and Sweden) in the Ambachtelijke Weverij. This journey has shown Camila that hand weaving is a great passion and that she wants to share it with new generations to feel the same joy that she experiences and also to maintain its relevancy against modern weaving techniques. Camila teaches weaving courses/workshops at De Steek.


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