Plant Dyeing Workshop

Guidance by Samm Lewis
Sunday July 17
12.00 AM – 4.30 PM
Materials included
Language: English


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We’re starting spring with this lovely natural dyeing workshop! Samm Lewis is a textile artist from London. She created a new Plant Dye Kit together with De Steek and this workshop is developed with all the dyes that are included in the kit. It’s a great way to learn the basics of natural dyeing and to go home with samples and recipes on different fabrics and with different dyes, to get you going.

Type of dyes in this class
> Acacia – Acacia concinna
> Aronia – Aronia melanocarpa
> Barberry – Berberis vulgaris
> Black Rice – Oryza sativa
> Goldenrod – Solidago nemoralis
> Hibiscus – Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
> Marigold – Calendula officinalis
> Sandalwood – Santalum album
> Turmeric – Curcuma longa

Fabrics to learn to try the dyes on (small pieces for sampling)
> Bamboo Jersey
> Hemp Canvas
> Hemp Jersey
> Organic Woven Cotton
> Soy and Bamboo Interfacing
> Tencel
> Woven Linen
> Piece Silk Organza
> Wool Jersey
> Washed Raw Texel Wool

After this workshop, you will go home with a sample kit of all the different dyes and fabrics, mentioned above. All use of tools and dyes are included in the workshop, but if you want to continue at home, it is also possible to purchase some dyes or the kit to take home.

Samm will also serve her own developed ‘natural dye teas’ during the workshop, so lovely different types of tea and sweets are also included with the workshop. The workshop is taking place in our dyeing garden with nice weather!

About Samm
Samm has recently moved to Amsterdam from London. She used to work as a paralegal in fashion brands and charities, until she realised how unsustainable that lifestyle is. However working in the corporate world felt too stifling for the artist within. Through her intuitive, scientific, and experimental approach she has taught herself how to spin, knit, weave, dye, print, drawn then cut patterns and sew clothing. Samm’s focus is sustainability and sees a connection between food, medicine and fashion in the form of plants. She is developing colour pallets based on plants that meet at least fashion and one of the above two classifications. She is looking for communal garden spaces to share her colour palettes. Along side designing her genderless clothing brand, Maantha, she teaches spinning and knitting classes. She established the New Independent Spinners’ Society (NISS) to share the meditative art of spinning yarn with others to inspire a found form of independence within the NISS community.


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