Sewing Workshop: Bucket Hat

Brand: De Steek
Level: intermediate
Time: 4 hours
Materials: included
Instruction booklet & pattern included

This workshop is developed by Sjoukje Nydam. Sjoukje developed the pattern for this bucket hat and now it’s also possible to make this item in the Sewing Cafe!
In this one-day workshop on a day of your preference, you can create your own bucket hat. This piece is one you cannot miss on warm sunny days. Sjoukje developed three sizes for the bucket hat so it fits both men and women. You can decide to make the bucket hat reversible, so you can use a different fabric on each side. It is advised have some experience with sewing with this workshop . After the workshop you can bring the pattern & booklet home, so it is possible to create this piece again at home. Different upcycled and new materials are included, but you can also decide to bring your own.
*Are you not able to come to your scheduled class? Please make sure you cancel max. one day before your class starts by e-mail or phone, so we can reschedule for you. Be in time, because when you’re too late, you will loose this class!
**Are you not finished after three/four hours? You can stay a bit longer to finish or we will schedule a new moment for you to make sure you can finish still (cost-free).


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