Tufting Workshop Series: Beginner

Guidance by Katharina Spitz
Dates: Tuesday evenings November 22, 29 & December 6,13,20
Time: 8.00 – 10 PM
Materials included
Language: English & Dutch
Level: beginner


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Did you ever wonder how rugs are made? In this tufting course you will learn the basics of rug making with the manual punch-needle technique. First, we will be learning the basic technique and discover the multiple ways in which tufting can be implemented in textiles. We will experiment with different yarns, punch needles, lengths and colors to discover various possibilities of creating structure, surface and image with tufting. In the end each of us will create and tuft a textile artwork, rug, wallhanging, doormat or picture? That’s up to you. At the end of the workshop you will have learned basic tufting skills and have made a work of your own. Now you will be able to apply this technique independently!

In this workshop all materials and tools are included.

Day 1
Introduction > of tufting as a technique and how it is used
Introduction > of the materials and what we will do in this workshop
basics > place cloth on the frame
experiment > trying out different yarns/lengths/colors
Summarize the day > discuss the experiences of the day

Day 2
Introduction> what are we going to do today?
Experiment > continue working on experiment [possibly]
Summarize > show creations to each other and share experiences: what went well and what didn’t?

Start of the real tufted piece.
Step 1 > coming up with ideas/techniques/size/yarn/color and making sketches on paper, with yarn included
Summarizing the day > sharing ideas and sketches.

Day 3
Option 1:
Continue with step 1 > come up with ideas/techniques/size/yarn/color and make sketches on paper
Option 2:
Start with step 2 > transfer sketches to the canvas and start tufting.
Summarizing the day > sharing your progress, discoveries and frustrations.

Day 4
Introduction > what are we going to do today?
Continue tufting
[You will definitely need all the time]

Day 5
Introduction > what are we going to do today?
Continue tufting

> when the first participant is ready:
Introduction > how to remove the tufted rug from the frame and how to finish it (latex, edges..)
In the afternoon everyone finishes the tufting and starts finishing/latex/removing the frame.

All carpets have to dry for a few hours before they can be taken home.

Last summary > share results and experiences, what went well and what didn’t during your first tuft experience?

About KatharinaKatharina is a fashion designer and dressmaker based in Amsterdam. After her apprenticeship as a couture dressmaker in Germany and working at the Dutch National Opera her work developed into a more artistic direction. She studied at Universität der Künste in Berlin, where she also had a junior teaching position for two years, before returning to Amsterdam. There she founded her fashion design studio Katharina Spitz. Her designs, performances and dressmaking try to open up new perspectives and ways of being in a world that is suffering from pollution, misogyny and alienation. Crafting is for her a critical tool. She has a great passion for hour long handiwork – and for sharing the technical knowledge she gained throughout her years within the crafting industry.


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