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DE STEEK started in January 2019 as an Amsterdam-based Sewing Cafe, sustainable fabric store and studio for workshops in the field of fashion & textiles.

DE STEEK is founded by Dutch sustainable fashion designer Natalie de Koning. Already a teacher in sewing and textile techniques like natural dyeing for almost 9 years now, it was time to see how it was possible to reach and inspire more people to start sewing, crafting and repearing: makerstore DE STEEK was born! Our studio in Amsterdam consist of a small shop, focusing on natural, organic, fairtrade fabrics and supplies, a Sewing Cafe, in which we teach sewing lessons and rent work spaces, and a workshop room with a lovely weekly program of workshops.

Our Mission

The mission of DE STEEK is to make it accessible for everyone to learn clothing making, repairing and textile making techniques in Amsterdam. We want to bring all makers a-like together. And we want to make it easier for people to choose sustainable options in clothing by offering only sustainable or upcycled materials, repairing workshops and creating a local environment and consciousness.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer a sustainable, fairtrade, but still modern alternative for the fast fashion industry and to inspire people from all genders, cultures and sizes to create and repair their clothes themselves!

The Founder

Dutch sustainable fashion designer Natalie de Koning (33) is the founder of De Steek. She is also the head designer of De Steek’s own pattern collection, sold on this webshop as sewing patterns. Natalie studied fashion design. First a Bachelor’s degree at the Utrecht School of Arts. After that she also finished a Master’s degree at ArteZ in Arnhem. She first developed two other concepts before De Steek. The first one was I am Nold, a company with which she teached sewing lessons and workshops in Amsterdam. The second one was PULP, a platform and concept store that sold repurposed and recycled fabrics. With De Steek, the two old concepts where combined in one studio in Amsterdam!

Sewing Café

Sewing Café

DE STEEK has a Sewing Café. The Sewing Café is open 7 days a week and it is possible to follow sewing lessons by renting a table there and get the guidance of a fashion designer to help you with your sewing projects. Or rent a table without guidance and work by yourself!

> Book a sewing lesson in the Sewing Café

Workshops & Courses

Workshops & Courses

DE STEEK hosts different workshops in the field of fashion and textiles. Different fashion & textile designers are developing and guiding these courses. We have a weekly program, but also lots of one-day workshops. Also available for groups & events.

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Sustainable Fabric Store

Sustainable Fabric Store

DE STEEK also has a store in which you can find natural, organic and recycled fabrics. We also offer good quality sewing supplies and books. We developed our own pattern collection which is available for purchase, as well as our own sewing kits. It is also possible to buy these materials online in our webshop.

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