Teachers Sewing Lessons

These are currently the supervisors you can expect in our lessons every week.
For our entire community of fashion designers & tailors, click here.

Natalie de Koning
Founder | Back Office | Teacher Sewing Café
Andrea van der Kuil
Teacher Sewing Café | Crafting Techniques | Back Office
Michelle Reulink
Teacher Sewing Café | Kids Classes | Repairing/Upcycling | Back Office
Itske van Deursen
Teacher Sewing Café | Pattern Drafting | Basic Sewing Techniques | Quilting
Ines Arconada Vazquez
Teacher Sewing Café | Pattern Drafting | Repairing/Upcycling | Macramé
Elze van der Hart
Teacher Sewing Café | Basic Sewing Techniques
Ulara Gumbs
Teacher Lingerie Lessons & Courses

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Would you also like to teach sewing lessons at DE STEEK?
Send an e-mail to natalie@desteekamsterdam.nl and ask for the possibilities!

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