Meet our fashion & textile community! You can meet some of the fashion designers & textile artists from our community more regularly in our Sewing Cafe & workshops, but others are working in assignment when it fits. We also offer custom-made workshops with teachers from this community.
Send an e-mail to if you are interested in collaborating with us!

Natalie de Koning
Founder | Fashion & Textile Designer
Andrea van der Kuil
Fashion & Textile Designer (specialised in sewing, embroidery, tufting, knitting & crochet)
Itske van Deursen
Fashion Designer (also specialised in quilting)
Michelle Reulink
Fashion Designer (specialised in upcycling)
Ines Arconada Vazquez
Fashion Designer (also specialised in macramé)
Elze van der Hart
Fashion Designer (specialised in natural dyeing)
Ulara Gumbs
Fashion Designer (specialised in lingerie)
Nathalie Goedegebuure
Fashion Designer (specialised in kids clothes & swimwear)
Leanne v. Steensel v.d. Aa
Fashion Designer (specialised in lingerie)
Rosa Smits
Textile Artist (specialised in weaving)
Alice Tsibulsky
Textile Artist (specialised in quilting & natural dyeing)
Hannah Emerson
Textile Artist (specialised in macramé & weaving)
Petra Krijger
Tailor (also specialised in knitting/crochet)
Eloise Ptito
Fashion Designer (specialised in embroidery)
Camila Moreno
Textile Artist (specialised in weaving)
Alba Tijm
Fashion Designer (specialised in upcycling)
Ermelinda Jaku
Textile Artist (specialised in embroidery)
Nastia Rouge
Fashion Designer
Samm Lewis
Textile Artist (specialised in spinning)
David Pronker
Fashion designer (specialised in upcycling)
Bronwen Jones
Textile Artist (specialised in darning)
Katharina Spitz
Fashion Designer (specialised in upcycling, crochet & tufting)
Aida Kasaei
Fashion Designer
Sjoukje Nydam
Fashion Designer

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