De Steek is thé place to be in Amsterdam for ‘makers’ in the area of (sustainable) fashion. The aim is to provide working spaces for fashion students, fashion professionals and hobbyists. At the same time, we offer workshops in traditional garment making techniques and other innovative techniques and crafts.

Our new location consist of three elements: the Sewing Café, open 6 days per week, where we offer sewing lessons and work tables, the workshop room, different workshops and courses in fashion and textiles are held here and the store, where we sell organic fabrics, sewing supplies and patterns.

We found a location, but we still need to have a small start budget to help us realize element like central heating, new tools & machines and a new store stock. You can help us in two ways:

It is possible to loan a sum of money. The amount you lend us will be returned in 4 years. You will also receive 3% of annual interest (making 12% in total). Besides the return, there are some nice gifts and you will be invited to the festivities around the new venue.

With the presale you can already book sewing lessons and courses from us, which you can follow in the new year. With every package comes a little gift.

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