It’s time for a second Clothing Swap & Upcycle Café at De Steek in Amsterdam West ! Saturday April 4, we’ll meet up to share moments of swapping, upcycling and repairing. What you can expect:
Clothing Swap
For a small entry-fee, you can participate in our clothing swap. Bring your old (but still good looking) clothes and swap them for something new!*
11.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Upcycle Café
Did you find something that you really like, but it needs a small change or fix-up? Our fashion designers Nathalie & Natalie are ready for you to help you alter the pieces to your wishes! Improve the fit or alter the details to make it more personal.
Denim Repair Sessions
NEW! This time we invited a different expert in upcycling. Destiny van Vliet knows the best ways to repair your favourite denim items. Upcycle your swapped items or other items from your own closet in cool, maybe even visible way.
At the event we are selling delicious drinks, like cappuccinos, ginger tea and Turmeric Latte. And you can also purchase vegan snacks or lunch for just a few euro to keep you going during the swapping and upcycling.

Get your tickets here!

*Rules: 1> bring good looking items, so don’t bring cheap clothing that lost it’s shape, for example. But what’s allowed: amazing looking pieces with a small hole or stain: because we have an Upcycle Cafe ready to repair the items! (we will evaluate your damaged piece at the door, small damages and stains are allowed, but it should be still possible to fix it and should not be too complicated) 2> We will evaluate your pieces at the door and each item will get a ‘point’ (1, 2 or 3 points). You will get a card with the amount of points that you can use for swapping (for example, a jacket is 3 points, but a T-shirt is 1). 4> You can bring items until 4PM (one hour before the swap stops).
**New: swap the sewing patterns and fabrics that you are not using (anymore)! It is possible to swap fabric for a pattern or the other way around, but it’s not possible to swap these items for clothing. Bring at least 1 meter of fabric to swap.

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