Kids Summer Sewing Sessions

Teacher: Michelle Reulink
Dates: July 29 & 31 + August 1 & 2
Time: 11.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Level: all levels
Language: English & Dutch
Age: 7-11 years old

It is also possible for the youngest ones to start learning the clothing making techniques! As for riding a bike, if you start young you’ll never forget.

In these 4-day Summer sessions children aged 7-12 will learn to sew with a sewing machine and gain an understanding of sewing basics. They will also learn in a fun, interactive and creative way about fabrics and sustainable fashion. They will apply various upcycling and repair techniques and naturally dye fabrics.

Every day we will focus on another theme:
Day 1: Make your own T-shirt or Leggings
Day 2: Natural Dyeing
Day 3: Upcycling and repairing
Day 4: Make a patchwork item with fabric scraps

All materials are included in this Summer course. We will be using as many leftover fabrics and materials during the classes as possible.

Both Dutch and English speaking children are welcome to join. Teacher Michelle can speak both Dutch and English.

Students will leave this class with the skills and confidence to tackle more sewing as they develop valuable exposure to creativity, design, fine motor skills, construction/assembly, and more.

Different techniques we will address in the classes: pattern cutting, pinning, sewing (by hand and machine), embroidering, natural dyeing, upcycling and repairing.


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