Repairing Sewing Course: Basics

Guidance by Ines
Sunday morning
Dates: December 3 & 10
Time: 10.30 AM – 1.30 PM
Level: beginner
Language: English & Dutch
max. 6 participants


Would you like to learn to repair your own clothes? Would you like to be able to carry out at least the most important repairs from home? We have now developed this course so that you can learn this even if you have never touched a sewing machine or needle before. This is a two-day course of 2 x 3 hours in which you will learn the basics of repairing. You will also receive an E-book with a description of the techniques, so that you will remember it later when you start working at home.

What will you learn in this course?
_Repairing a (blind) seam
_Repairing a hole (both in the middle of your garment and in the seam, such as a hole in your pocket)
_Shortening pants or skirt (jeans and normal)
_Replace zipper (fly)

BONUS: if there is time left or if you prefer, you can also learn these 3 bonuses (also found in the E-book):
_Sewing a button
_Taking in the waistband of trousers (not jeans)
_Taking in the trouser leg

If you have items of clothing that you can apply one of these techniques to, please bring them with you. But we also provide materials and clothing to practice on during the lesson, so in principle all materials are included in this course.


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