Pattern Drawing Workshop Series 2.0 – summer edition

Summer editionGuided by ItskeDates: August 19, 20, 21 & 22Time: 10.00 AM – 4.30 PMLevel: intermediate/advancedLanguage: English & DutchIncluding vegan lunch

In this course we want to create the patterns which you can use to create the perfect small wardrobe with the designs of you wishes. In a minimalistic wardrobe like this, you need the pieces that bring you most joy and offer the best fit for your body. If the fit and style fits you as a person really well, you can still use these patterns for years. You can always re-make them again in a new fabric!
Did you follow our ‘Pattern Drawing Workshop Series 1.0‘?
With this course you will go more in depth. And.. because you spend so much time in the first course in creating your perfect fitted basic patterns, it is nice to create something you can really use. Use your basic patterns and learn to adjust them to create the patterns of your design or wishes with the perfect fit.
You didn’t follow our ‘Pattern Drawing Workshop Series 1.0‘?
No worries! If you don’t have difficulty finding the right size in the store, but you’d still like to make your own designs, than you can purchase a package of basic patterns in your size when you book this course. It is possible to use these patterns to create the designs of your wishes in the lessons and after that.
To get most out of your course, you can discuss your capsule collection in the first lesson with teacher Itske. We advise you to develop in between 4 and 7 different patterns. More lessons means less time for prototyping (you need to make a prototype normally to see the result of the pattern, but you can decide to make the prototypes at home in between classes if that’s an option for you).
You can bring pictures and/or drawings of the 4 to 7 designs that you’d like to make to the first lesson.
Different options for patterns:
> Skirt(s)
> Trousers
> Top / t-shirt
> Sweater
> Dress
> Detailed Blouse/shirt
> Fitted Jacket
> Coat
> Jumpsuit
(& more!)
During the lessons you will also learn the most important skills to adjust the patterns. For example: learn the fabric alterations to make a waistband, pockets, fly and how you can adjust sleeves and darts. And we will work on making prototypes as well (depending on the amount of patterns you want to do, for example, if you develop 4 patterns, it is possible to make 4 prototypes, but if you would make 7 patterns, you don’t have enough time during class to make prototypes as well, but you can also decide to make the prototypes at home in between lessons)
In this course you will work individually, most of the time. In the lesson we will take your own level, process and experience in consideration. That’s why max. 4 people can attend. Every lesson you will bring your own design ideas (picture(s) and/or drawing(s)) to the lesson (and prototype fabric). Sometimes it is nice to do some homework in between.
*If you miss one or two lessons, you can catch up in the Sewing Cafe, on the day/time of your preference.


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