Pattern Drawing Workshop series 1.0: Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Guidance by Ines
Dates: August 12, 13, 14 & 15
Time: 10.00 AM – 4.30 PM
vegan lunch included
Language: English
Level: Intermediate

Always wanted to make your own designs a reality? Or do you have difficulty to get the right sizes in the shop or with pre-made patterns? Than this workshop series is great for you! With this 4-day Summer course you can learn to draw basic pattern blocks in your own size. After we made your own size pattern we will be working on a prototype and make the piece fitted to your body. With these basic patterns it is possible to make all designs in your own size. It is best to have some basic sewing experience to follow these workshops. In this course you will at least finish 3 basic patterns blocks and will learn also about basic adjustments you can make to make them into real designs.
What we provide:
> 4 days of professional guidance by Ines (part of the lesson is by group, part is individual).
> All tools necessary (pattern drawing paper, rulers, pencils etc.).
> Pattern book ‘Metric Pattern Cutting for Women’s Wear’ by W. Aldrich. (value 39,95 euro)*
> Vegan lunch, coffee, tea & cookies.
What you have to bring:
> Prototype fabric to make the prototypes (cheap cotton is fine)
This is the first course of the two. In the ‘Pattern Drawing Workshop Series 2.0’ you can go more in depth of pattern drawing. We will discuss variations (like special sleeves and types of skirt/pants etc.) of the patterns and the details (like pockets and closures). It is possible to follow the second course after you did the first one.
*You can also decide to get the same book, but than for menswear if you want to make menswear patterns.
**If you miss one or two lessons, you can catch up in the Sewing Cafe in one of Ines’ classes. Please let us know max. 1 day before that you will miss one of the lessons.


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