Beginner Sewing Course 2.0

Amount: 4 lessons of 2 hours
Choose to follow the course on preferred day/time
Materials: in- or excluded
Level: beginner/intermediate
Language: English & Dutch
Capacity: max. 6 students

Did you follow the Beginner Sewing Course 1.0 and would you like to continue and learn more things? Or do you have a little bit of experience but you need a refreshment? Than this could be a nice 4-week course for you!
In the first course you learned to make your own tote bag and your first garment. You learned the basics on the sewing machine and probably also on the serger. For the second course we will make a follow-up garment. With this course you can decide to make your own trousers or blouse/shirt. Also for this course you can use the patterns that are developed by De Steek. For women you can choose between a wide-legged pleated pants or a raglan-sleeve blouse. Men can choose a pantalon with an elastic waist or buttoned shirt.
Follow this 4-lesson course in the Sewing Cafe on the days/times of your preference (choose the dates/times of your lessons in the calendar on top of this page). The course is 2 hours per lesson. Guidance is provided by professional fashion designers. Classes are both in Dutch and English. You can start in the week of your wishes.
You can choose to have the materials in- or excluded in this course. If you choose the materials included, you will get the organic materials to make your own trousers or blouse/shirt. For this you can choose the fabric yourself in our store. If you choose to follow the course without materials, you can download the pdf with a little list of the materials you need to bring.
What’s included in the course:
– 4 lessons of 2 hours in our Sewing Cafe on the day of your wishes.
– Professional guidance by one of our fashion designers.
– Working space with tools and machines.
– Option: all organic materials for your garment, like organic cotton or Tencel.
How to book:
Choose your starting date in the schedule above. After this you can let us know when you want to follow the second, third and fourth lesson and we’ll plan it flexibly in for you!
*We are not responsible for finishing the pieces in time. We aim for you to finish it in those 4 lessons, but if you have particular wishes that are slowing the process, it can happen that you don’t finish in time. If it is not finished and you need extra help, you are of course welcome at our normal sewing lessons to finish it. If you finish earlier than the 4 lessons, you can start a new project, but the materials are not included anymore.
**You can also join this course if you’d like to make these garments, but didn’t do the first course, if you have a little bit of experience.
***Are you missing one of your lessons? No problem, we can reschedule: just make sure you cancel in time, max. one day before and we will reschedule. But if you are too late you will loose that one lesson!



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