Sewing Lesson: (Flared) Legging

Material: surplus lycra or organic cotton/Tencel
Level: beginner / advanced beginner

Do you want to get sewing experience with stretchy materials and working with the overlock machine? Than this is a great lesson for you! With this package it is possible to follow 2 to 3 hours of sewing lessons in our Sewing Café (depending on how fast you are) and you get all organic materials to develop your own (flared) legging. This package is a good starter if it is the first time working with stretchy materials. You can for example learn to work with the overlock machine. This lesson takes place in our Sewing Cafe and is taught by one of the fashion designers that work at De Steek.
Enough sewing experience? It is also possible to buy the kit without the lessons here. (pick-up or delivery)
*After purchase you receive a confirmation of your booking by e-mail. In class you can choose between different ecological fabrics for your legging. If you’re not finished in 3hrs you and if there is enough space, you can stay a little bit longer to finish it, we reserved 3 hours in total for your workshop in the Sewing Cafe (or you can come back later to finish it).
**Are you not able to come to your scheduled class? Please make sure you cancel max. one day before your class starts by e-mail or phone, so we can reschedule for you. Be in time, because when you’re too late, you will loose this class!



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