Visible Mending Workshop

Guidance by Hannah
Saturday August 24
10.30 AM – 12.30 PM
Level: beginner
Language: English & Dutch
Materials included

Repair your own clothes with a lovely visible embroidery, to make something special!
In this workshop we will focus on repairing a hole with embroidery stitches and different patterns. During this session you will learn to make something beautiful out of something broken. Visible mending is experiencing a revival in contemporary fashion, as we’re growing tired of fast fashion and throwing items away, when they’re still favourite pieces with small defects.
This technique is used to reinforce worn fabric to make it last longer. The stitching can be developed into intricate geometric patterns, in different colours of thread and using scrap fabrics as backing. In addition to mending clothing, this technique can also be used to simply embellish your sewing projects with beautiful designs.
We will also give you some more inspiration and options to use embroidery to mend your clothes. No sewing or embroidery experience is necessary. All tools and materials are provided.*
*A basic kit with materials/tools and instruction booklet is included. But you may also bring an article of clothing to stitch on (preferable non-stretch, like denim).



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