Sewing Lesson: Tied Top

Brand: De Steek
Sizes: One Size
Duration: 4 hours
Materials included
Level: beginner/intermediate

With this package it is possible to follow 4 hours of lessons in our Sewing Café and you can choose the materials in our store to develop your own easy-to-make Tied Top. You can choose between different colours of organic materials in your class. With this lesson you will use our Tied Top Sewing Pattern from De Steek collection. This lesson is a nice way to deepen the basics on the sewing machine and serger or to create a full garment in a small amount of time. It’s best if you already used the sewing machine before if you want to join this workshop.
What you will learn: cutting fabric, basic stitches for finishing and assembling & working with stretchy materials. This pattern is from our zero-waste collection. Zero waste pattern making is the process of altering a pattern so that no fabric is left unused. All pattern pieces fit in the full width and length of the fabric. Because it’s a zero-waste pattern (it fits only in one way on the full width), this pattern is in one-size only (possible to wear with size S – L).
*You can also receive the pattern after class, send an e-mail to get the digitalised pattern.
**if necessary you can stay a little bit longer to finish the piece, if it’s not passed closing time and if there is space. Otherwise we will schedule an extra moment to finish for you if necessary.
***Are you not able to come to your scheduled class? Please make sure you cancel max. one day before your class starts by e-mail or phone, so we can reschedule for you. Be in time, because when you’re too late, you will loose this class!


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