Beginner Macramé Workshop

Guidance by Ines
Sunday November 19
10.30 AM – 1.30 PM
Level: (complete) beginner
Language: English


In this workshop you will learn all basic knots involved in most macramé designs, enabling you to take on any project you might fancy!

In this workshop, teacher Ines will teach you different macramé stitches. When you know these basics stitches, in principle, it is possible to create everything! The workshop includes all the materials that you need. Also, in the workshop you will get a lot of inspiration, to show you the projects that you can do after you mastered these stitches. You will also go home with an instruction booklet with the explanation of the stitches.

These are the stitches you will learn in this class:
> Diagonal Double Half Hitch Knot
> Vertical Double Half Hitch Knot
> Half Hitch Spiral
> Single Chain
> Double Chain
> Frivolite Knot
> Spiral Stitch
> Square Knot or Solomon’s Knot
> Open Chain

Time to play with all these Knots and see what happens!

About Ines
Ines Arconada Vazquez is a fashion freelancer with a deep commitment to weaving creativity with circularity.  She works in three different areas of the industry, from NGOs to sampling ateliers, and also teaching at De Steek. Her diverse roles give her a well-rounded perspective of the fashion industry, while actively involving her in making positive changes within it.
Graduated in Fashion Design at DeMontfort University (Leicester, UK). She gained experience working for various fashion establishments, studios and designer brands including Viktor & Rolf, Jean Paul Knott, KASSL Editions, as well as the National Opera of Amsterdam, among others.
Having lived in Barcelona, Brussels, Amsterdam, and different places in the UK, she is fluent in English, Spanish, and French.


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