Spring/Summer Embroidery Workshop

Guidance by Andrea
Monday August 26
7.00 – 10.00 PM
Level: beginner
Language: English
Materials & tools included

In this workshop, you’ll take the stitches you learned in the Beginner Embroidery workshop 1.0 (and some new ones!) and create a beautiful springtime artwork to hang in your home and bring floral joy to the warmer days to come.
This workshop will teach you the endless possibilities of embroidery and show you how much you can create with just the basic stitches. If you haven’t yet attended our 1.0 workshop, don’t worry, you can also join and learn these basic stitches as you go.
The workshop includes materials and tools, as well as a pattern in case you don’t finish your work during the workshop. (but of course we will practice all the flowers and stitches in class)
In the workshop you will use/learn the following stitches:
  • back stitch
  • stem stitch
  • chain stitch
  • woven wheel
  • lazy daisy
  • french knot


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