Repair Workshop: Swiss Darning

Guidance by Bronwen Jones
Date: Saturday March 23
Time: 2.00 – 4.30 PM
Level: beginner
Language: English

Swiss darning (duplicate stitch) is a repair technique that replicates the knit stitch. It can be used to repair holes, to strengthen thinning areas, or as an embellishment to cover stains and decorate. Bronwen practices this technique visibly as a way to celebrate and reclaim our beloved garments from being thrown away, you’re welcome to practice as visibly/invisibly as you like.

We will practice first on sample fabrics, but you’re also encouraged to bring your own garments to repair. You’ll also be encouraged to think about the sentimental/emotional value of your clothes and to share stories through garments while we practice.

It is recommended to have some experience either with hand-repairing techniques (like the woven darning technique*) or a basic understanding of knitting, although beginners are welcome.

About Bronwen Jones
Bronwen Jones is an artist and textile repairer. She is from London and has been based in Amsterdam for the last 5 years having graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Her practice explores the relationship between bodies and garments (the stories held in their creases and the traces they leave in one another) through a variety of forms including textile techniques such as darning, crochet and weaving, in addition to sculptural and written works. Since 2021 her practice has mainly focused on repairing textiles as a way to initiate conversations around care and value, and to explore the intimate stories held in cloth. She aims to shine a light on garments as not only functional and aesthetic items, but as deeply personal and storytelling objects.
*What to bring: (preferably) chunky knitted garments, such as a sweater, scarf, thick socks, where you can clearly see the stitches. This technique can be possible on finer knits but it can be very time-consuming and is much easier to learn when you can see the stitches clearly.


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